4711 116th St SW, Mukilteo, WA 98275 Воскресенье: 9:00-10:30, 11:30-13:00, 17:00-18:30, 19:00-20:30. Четверг: 19:00-20:30

31 АВГУСТА – 4 СЕНТЯБРЯ | Подростковый лагерь

Checklist and Rules

Make sure to bring:

❏ Sleeping bag, blanket or other twin size bedding
❏ Pillow
❏ Swimsuit (modest, not tight)
❏ Towel (for swimming and showering)
❏ Clothes
❏ Sunscreen
❏ Insect repellent
❏ Toiletries
❏ Bible
❏ Notebook
❏ Pen or pencil

Please DO NOT bring:

● Alcohol
● Tobacco in any form
● Illicit drugs
● Immodest clothing, including spaghetti straps, backless tops, short shorts, and low hanging trousers
● Clothing with potentially offensive words or graphics
● Fireworks or other explosive materials
● Firearms
● Knives
● Items that may be perceived as a weapon

Rules and regulations:
(if a participant breaks a rule, they will be sent home!!!!)

1. No pranking
2. Girls cabin area is off-limits to boys. And boys cabin area as off-limits to girls
3. Stay on camp property unless permission to leave is first received from the director
4. No foul or profane language
5. The camp schedule issued by the SOL Christian Teen Camp Director and must be followed by all campers. Campers should be prompt and punctual to all events
6. There will be no public display of affection at camp
7. Each camper will be responsible for the care and upkeep of the campgrounds. Window screens will not be removed from dorm windows and any damage or breakage to camp property must be reported to someone in authority immediately. Responsible campers will have to pay for any damage they may have caused.

PLEASE print and sign the TERMS OF AGREEMENT AND EMERGENCY AUTHORISATION. Your child will be accepted to camp only with this signed document.